Shorts for Girls

Cool And Cute Shorts For Girls To Wear This Summer

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As the summer is getting near, you cannot go out in the scorching sun without cute shorts. They are short (like its name suggests) and are super comfortable, trendy, and stylish. We cannot imagine this summer without flaunting those gorgeous legs that need some tanning. But there is something else that you should know.


That is none other than the types of shorts for girls. There are numerous shorts that you can try this summer.


Booty Shorts

These shorts for girls are there to hide your buttocks as they are very short in length. Some young girls prefer this attire in a cool T-shirt, blouse, tank tops, etcetera. The only disadvantage of these shorts is that some restaurants, the cafe can prohibit some individuals from entering.


The most distinctive feature of these shorts is that it contains a push-up feature that makes the butt muscles look bigger. If you have a healthy buttock, then these shorts will help you to flaunt those booties.


Boyfriend Shorts

They are loose and baggy shorts that are mainly made up of denim. They might have elastic waistbands and comes with fancy zippers and buttons. Boyfriend shorts got their name as they resemble men's pants even though they were exclusively designed for women.


The grunge style gives the very sassy, ripped, and cool looks. Whether it be some striped T-shirts, sweatshirts, tops, they look great in everything. For footwear, you can use some Timberland, Nike, Converse, or a regular sandal and sneakers. For accessories, use huge belts, choker, and bands.



When fashion meets function, we get attires like Skorts. If you are a skirt, love but hesitate to wear it because of the embarrassing moments, it invites then do no worry. Skorts are there to rescue you this time. Without a doubt, it can allow you to walk around and sit comfortably without any fear.


It is nothing but a skirt that is attached to a pair of shorts stitched under it. They are versatile shorts for girls that come in various fabrics, patterns, and designs. You can wear it with some T-shirt, blouse or crop tops. The choice is yours.



Gone are the days where slip shorts were used as shapewear for women. They were worn under pants, skirts, and dresses. Not to mention, they are made up of stretchy fabric that fits women of different shapes and sizes. If you have a slender or a voluptuous body, then these shorts are for you.


Nowadays these shorts for girls are worn in a T-shirt, cami top or a tank top. These shorts were spread like wildfire when supermodel-like Kylie Jenner, Kaia Gerber, Gigi Hadid were seen on the streets flaunting their smooth body in this attire. Likewise, it has become as must wore shorts this year.


Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts have different admirers from the girls. Some women are even found detesting them, while many love them because they are baggy. As it is baggy, they look super comfortable and airy. These shorts for girls are named after Bermuda, where the formal attire for men is these shorts.


Moreover, Bermuda shorts are made from soft and cozy fabrics and are summer favorites. These shorts also goes with the name such as walk shorts or dress shorts.


Chino Shorts

These shorts for girls are meant to be for walking and performing leisure activity. Speaking of which, they seem to be very comfortable as it is made up of cotton. Majorly it is found twirled, which adds up more class and style to the wearer. On the front, it has a zipper and is available in several colors and designs.


They tend to look good on a simple plain white t-shirt. A small heel sandal is also a must. For accessory, wear your favorite watch and bracelet.


Wrap Shorts

Wrap shorts or wrap around short spread like a wildfire in the late 70s. After some time, they were not in fashion, but now it has made a comeback. Now, these shorts are found in a wide range of variety, styles, and fabrics.


These are shorts that are wrapped around by a cloth that gives it an appearance similar to a skirt. Fascinating, isn't it? The feature that distinguishes itself from the rest shorts is that it lacks zipper or buttons. Despite, it comes with a drawstring or a thin strap on the waist.


These kawaii wrap shorts looks good in black army boot. If you have some bangs, then it is like a cherry on top. For accessory, use some fancy choker.


Cargo Shorts

This year Cargo is seen in all attires including pants, joggers and now a skirt. This cloth was introduced to the US during the First World War. They were a military uniform for British soldiers. Similarly, this design has been derived in the shorts for girls.


Unlike others, it has a very fancy design that consists of huge pockets, belts, and many more. It may be a type of men's wear, but all women admire this attire. Mainly it looks super cool in khaki, olive green, or brown colors. It huge pockets on both side are convenient to carry around makeup tools, wallet, smartphone, and keys.


Pleated Shorts

These shorts for girls often end a bit above the knee, which makes it look super cute. Without a doubt, it has pleats on them. With the vertically running pleats, they create an illusion of lightly fuller thighs. If you are a slim-figured woman, then you should better try it out.


These pretty shorts look good in a plain T-shirt, striped T-shirt, tops, off-shoulder shirt, and many more. For slippers, choose something simple, or you can try lace sandals.


Denim Shorts

If your closet is deprived of denim attires, then you should rethink your collection. Denim is such a fabric that is in the fashion industry since its arrival. Whether it is blazers, shirts, jackets, or even shorts, they have a wide range of variety.


Denim shorts for girls are also must apparel. They come in several lengths and designs. The choice is up to you. Team it up with some flat pumps, sneakers, sandals, or even a boot. If you are wearing this, then do not forget some hats or even caps.

Shorts for Girls
Shorts for Girls
Shorts for Girls


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