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Whether it be a marital ceremony, meeting, or a date, going there without a necklace and earring is hard to imagine. Just the thought of your neck and ear being bare in such an auspicious occasion scares us. But did you know that these fancy jewelry are cheap as your other accessories? If you have not known, then these are SajhaDeal items that are affordable, fancy, and trendy.


Bar & Turquoise Charm Layered Necklace

This type of jewelry is 'V' shaped and has two-layer. One layer consists of a vertical plate which is shorter than the other. Another long layer has a blue colored stone. They are composed of 10% resin and 90% alloy. Even more, it is of gold color which suits any skin tone.


Rose Engrave Pendant Layered Necklace

This jewelry is three-layered and is of gold color. The most distinctive feature of this necklace is that it has a choker. What's more, is that the choker has a small ring that is embellished with various pearls. Another layer of necklace ends just in your neck bone. They are decorated with rings which give it a sophisticated look.


The main, last, and long layers consist of a square plate. Not only that, it has a rose engraved in it, which is super cute. They extend up to your cleavage. They are made up of gold color and has a length of 28 centimeters.


Butterfly Decor Choker 

This jewelry feature is that it has a cute little butterfly. It is of length 32-40 cm and is of silver or white color. They look similar to a choker. If you opt for off-shoulder Tee or one-piece, then this can be your ultimate choice.


Rhinestone & Star Charm Multi-Layered Necklace

This gold-colored jewelry has small stars and hearts as an embellishment which makes it look awesome. It has a three-layer of necklace, which has a width of 5cm and a length of 38cm. On the end, it has a small oval pendant. The pendant has a big rhinestone, and around it has little beads of stone.


Rhinestone Flower Pendant Jewelry Sets

This jewelry has a shape similar to a doughnut. It has black, white, and pink stone arranged alternately to make it attractive. It also has a pair of the earring which resembles the pendant of the necklace. The necklace is 46.6 cm, and the ornament is 1.7*1.7 cm. There is no doubt that it looks attractive in a round neck attire.


Ice Cream Detail Pendant Necklace

The peculiar design of Ice-cream is what makes this necklace a masterpiece. The pendant is of green color and is golden in color. It measures up to 46-54 cm in general. This simple looking neckpiece can make you look gorgeous.


Gemstone Detail Lariats Chain Necklaces

Being made up of 70% metal and 30% glass, this jewelry is pretty. This necklace meets at a point where there is a heart-shaped blue gemstone. From that point on, the chain divides in two, one is longer while another one is a bit shorter. On the end, they have another bluestone, which enhances its further beauty.


Pair it up with some shirts and take off one or two-button to make it an official look. It will put more emphasis on your cleavage.


Faux Pearl Charm & Triangle Detail Drop Earring

This jewelry is the most fancy and has sophisticated looks than others. There is a triangle that supports a big golden ring. In the ring shape hoop, there is another numerous tiny ring that holds an oval-shaped pearl. It is made up of gold color and is a perfect fit for lehengas or sari. 


 Lemon Shaped Drop Earring

This jewelry or earring looks similar to lemon (it is literally a lemon). It is made up of 90% resin and 10% alloy. This earring has a small yellow round earring that supports another big round earring. The lemon looks like it has been freshly cut and gives fresh vibes.


Gemstone Pineapple Mismatched Stud Earrings 

This earring has a very cool look. One earring is similar to that of pineapple, while others look like a pineapple tree. Half a portion of it is decorated with green rhinestone, while the rest are golden rhinestone. They can be paired with a sari or your favorite Kurti.


Fringe Tassel Drop Earrings

Fringe is a cool design that has been derived into leather jackets, sweaters, blouse, and many more. Now, this design is also found in the earrings. On the top, there is a golden ring that works as a stud. There are two beads of a different color. That bead helps to support semi-circle metal where numerous of fringes are made out of thread. They give a traditional and cultural kind of vibe. You can pair it up with your cultural dress, Kurti, tops, sari, and many more.


Rhinestone Charm Shaped Drop Earring 

This dual round hoop is attached, which makes it different from the rest. This jewelry is golden in color and is made up of 30% rhinestone and 70% alloy. One hoop is bigger than the other. In that small hoop, rhinestone is attached to make it look traditional.


There is no doubt that this earring will suit in any attire you pull off. But it will look fantastic in some tops, Kurti or your favorite salwar kameez.


Circle Mesh Flower Drop Earrings

This jewelry is made up of 70% alloy and 30% acrylic. Not to mention it is of golden color. This big hoop earring has several flowers attached to it. Each flower is made up of various color which makes it look colorful. Whether you pair it up with some traditional clothes or urban attire, this earring will look good in anything.


Faux Pearl Decor Radical Stud Earrings 

Now, this pair of earrings is something new and cool. It has a big shiny pearl where the stud is attached. What makes it cool is that it has a kind of metal spikes that are designed alternately. They are pretty and look fantastic in traditional clothes.


Double Triangle Drop Earrings 

This jewelry looks stunning in your formal or semi-formal attire. It has two triangles of different sizes. One is a small triangle that has a stud and is entirely yellow. The other one is the big triangle, which is like a hoop. They are super stylish and trendy at the same time.

Jewelry for Women
Jewelry for Women
Jewelry for Women


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