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Top 9 Sweater For Women That Needs To Be In Your Wardrobe This Winter

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Whenever winter comes, the weather outside is frightful, and all we seek is a little sunshine as the chills run down our spines.  There is nothing that can beat the cold with burning woods, hot chocolate, and yes, of course, sweaters. Instead of staying inside your home near a fireplace or a heater all day, you should head out.


While you head out in such shivering cold, there is nothing better than throwing on your favourite sweater. Today we bring you nine types of sweater that are trendy, fashionable, cosy and comfortable. Without further ado, let's know more about our sweater for women that should already be in your closet!


1. Open Shoulder Knit Shoulder

Off-shoulder tops were very popular this summer. Off-shoulder alone has so many varieties and designs that you can stop yourself from loving it. If you are a big fan of this type of clothes, winter is not going to stop you from showing some of your skin. Yes, these designs are growing famous in the sweater too.


Another fantastic fact is that off-shoulder knit sweater is warm, cosy and trendy at the same time. This apparel tends to go with any other piece of clothing. Pair it with mommy jeans, leather jacket, some ankle boots and you are ready to go. Even more, you will be warm, comfortable and will nail this look.


2. Oversized Sweaters

If you are one of those funky girls who want to give a slight touch of tomboyish style this winter, then this sweater is definitely for you. Oversized never goes out of fashion, whether it is t-shirts, sweatshirts or jackets. Nothing is there cooler compared to oversized apparels.


Oversized sweater for women are major apparel for the fall and winter months. You can pair it up with some button-up shirt underneath it. You can flaunt those shirt collars to give some intellectual and smart vibes. If you use some spectacles, then a messy bun is a must.


This winter you can pair this type of sweaters with ripped denim jeans. To add up some chicness to your style Converse, or Nike sneakers would be a cherry on the top. Another great feature of this cloth is you can wear many layers of stuff beneath it. Also if you are chubby, then it surely helps you to look fit.


3. Choker Sweater

Anything that requires fewer accessories is always a good alternative. The choker sweater is the best way to replace some of the gorgeous necklaces. This sweater for women helps you to flaunt your hot beauty bones. It also highlights a small portion of a cleavage which is foxy and not much exposure in the winter.


The Choker sweater is quick clothing that looks perfect in anything you wear. To sum up the look, some beanie cap, hat and hand accessories will do the work.


4. Chunky Knit Sweater

This sweater for a woman not only keep you warm this winter but you will be rocking the winter look while staying cosy and fashionable. Unlike other sweaters, this apparel tends to be trendy from autumn to winter months. You can add long sleeves or short sleeves, a v neck or a crew neck, whatever you are vibing with.


The best thing about these type of sweater for women is the fact that whatever personal style or whatever looks you are trying to achieve, this apparel is a must-have in your wardrobe that will work for anyone and everywhere.


5. Fuzzy

What's better than wearing a blanket like a sweater all day? The amazing and soft feeling comes whenever you fold your hands and move your hand around the sweaters. It looks, warm, comfortable and fashionable at the same time.


This fuzzy sweater for women looks terrific when paired with some denim jeans. Even more, a black belt seems to highlight your look. You can also add up some denim jackets, long coat, blazers to go with the look.


6. Sweater Dress

If you miss some of the one-piece clothing in winter, then this sweater is all for you. Especially this sweater for women comes in length up to your thighs or knee. It is one of a kind that lets you flaunt your gorgeous legs. Furthermore, it gives another space to show off those expensive boots in your style.


It is warm, cosy and gives a hot alluring touch to your style. This style is completed with the help of long jackets and overcoat. The choice is yours.


7. Solid Long Sleeve High-Neck

This sweater for women is best to enhance your body type further. It does not look more ponderous and furry, but it is warmer than it seems. The high neck feature of this apparel blocks further cold and keeps your neck warm. It is easy to wash and dry it in times of winter. As a result, Solid long sleeve high necks are convenient.


A necklace tends to look very attracting in this sweater. You can pair it up with any outer wears such as a blazer, coat, cardigan, trench coat and many more. High heel boot further enhances your personal style.


8. Cable Knit Sweaters

This sweater for women is known for a peculiar cable pattern, but it is there for more than just aesthetic appeal. What's more is that it adds warmth and a little texture, giving a moderate look that you can have anywhere you need to go.  Especially it is used for casual occasions, but if you pair it with black slack or skirt, it can look quite elegant.


Cable knit sweater come in a variety of styles and designs. Some are knitted in a distinctive pattern that shows stitches while others have a simple look. It looks very sassy with the combination of blazers and is both comfortable and stylish. That is also the reason why this sweater for women is still in the trend.


9. Knitted Sweater

Knitted Sweaters seems to be very sophisticated and are mostly hand made. This is the reason why this type of sweaters looks so familiar and stylish. The most distinctive feature of this sweater for women is that no matter how much you stretch it, there is a less probability of it to tear.


Even more, they are easy, quick to clean and maintain. Being handmade apparel, it has a distinct vertical pattern. Moreover, this design comes in so many different colours that can be knitted out of various yarns. As a result, you will find just what you need from lightweight or a little more substantial. It has a lot of variety in the market.

Sweater for women
Sweater for women


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