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Types Of Bikini for Women To Wear This Summer

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Whenever summer comes in our mind, we think the time we spend on the swimming pool or beach. It is holiday time to relax and have a great time. But choosing a bikini for women is tough. Some even think that there is no variety of bikini for women. But that is not true. There is always a bikini for every girl. So, we have some bikini that we find very attractive, fashionable, cool and trendy.


You cannot imagine how much variety of this attire is there on the market. This bikini tends to look good for any age group and every body type. Let's start the countdown. 


Flounce Bikini

This design was mostly found on the T-shirt, and now it is on the bikini too. This bikini has a flounced top that creates a beautiful bust line. It comes in various print, and the popular one is none other than floral print. For accessory, you can choose big hoops earring.


If you are curvy, then this bikini is for you. However, if your body shape is Apple or Rectangle-shaped, then this attire is a total no for you. There is no denying that this print, designs will enhance your hotness and beauty to another level.


Fringe Bikini

Fringe is a stylish idea that never goes out of fashion. Be it a jacket, T-shirt, skirt or even a leather jacket they tend to nail the look in anything. With the increase of love from women to this design, it can be found in bikinis too. The fringes help to dry off bikini for women soon.


There is no doubt that this bikini will give you those sensual and elegant look that everybody craves for. If you want to add some volume to your whole outfit, then this is the best option. They come in several designs and patterns. If you're going to grab all the attention, then do not forget to get the multicolored fringe bikini.


High Waisted Bikini

For women who are not very fond of revealing their waist (or even a waist fat) but still love wearing bikinis, then this bikini for women is a boon. This bikini's bottom has a high waist that covers up to the navel and also an entire waistline. Moreover, if you have post-pregnancy stretch marks and still coming back to shape, then this is a great option to hide them.


They come in several fabrics and designs. You can choose between stripes, polka dots or floral print. If you are in no mood to choose, then go for a plain one. They are simple yet stunning.



On the one hand, we have a skirt, and on the other hand, we have a bikini. When we combine them both boom, we get skirtini. Just like its name, the appearance is also the mixture between a skirt and a bikini. They are trendy and covers your wobbly thighs. This bikini for women has a top and a skater skirt as a bottom.


While purchasing this product, do not forget to check the top and right length of the skirt. If you keep that in mind, you will have many heads turning towards you. They suit any body shape and size.


Sling Bikini

This bikini for women goes with a lot of names such as suspender bikini, slingkini, suspender thong, slingshot swimsuit and many more. This sort of bikinis is supported by fabric at the neck. It usually has a peculiar design of Y-shape that allures women to buy it.


It is the hottest bikini you can find as it provides very little coverage. Some bikini's straps encircle at the neck and around the midriff and are backless.



This is the most complicated or sophisticated version of a bikini. Its layout is very confusing, which makes it hard to figure out, but we love it anyway. Around the world, it is also renowned as a 'handkerchief and two small saucers'. They barely cover the wearer and is quite revealing.


In the swimming pool or beach, this can be a head-turning element for many men. For an accessory, you can wear any thin gold, silver or platinum necklace. Lastly, do not forget to wear your favorite sunglasses.


High Neck Bikini

As its name, suggests it has a high neck which makes it less revealing. If you sometimes hesitate to show your cleavage then do not worry high neck bikini is there. This bikini for women comes in several designs and patterns. Even more, the fantastic design on the neck portion further enhances the charm of your bust.



Microkini is extremely skimpy, which reveals everything barely hides women genitals. This bikinis for women are very exposing, and some may even have a simple thread to keep things covered. Think twice before purchasing this product. You might need tonnes of guts to pull this bikini in public.


String Bikini

You might have seen these bikinis in the ramp of Victoria's Secret. They are quite similar to it. This bikini is for the women who would dare to look steamy. This bikini for women has a string clinging at the back. To heat things, it has a waistband. A string bikini is perfect for flaunting your body shape. The bikini bottom is also tied with a string.


Multi string Bikini

This bikini has a bra with a multiple of beautifully designed straps. Some even might have a design of halter at the neck. Rather than having two straps at the shoulder, it has numerous strap styles. This bikini is for a woman who wants to flaunt her shoulder. However, if you have a broad shoulder then its a no from our side.


Strapless Bikini

Without a doubt, this bikini for women does not consist of a strap at all. It might be uncomfortable for the first time with the fear of falling off. But nothing like this can happen so feel free to buy this attire. If you do not have a big bust, then you can nail in this bikini.

Bikini for Women
Bikini for Women
Bikini for Women


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