Blazers for Women

Types Of Blazers For Women And How To Wear Them

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Whenever the word blazer comes in our mind, we suddenly think winter, cold, and so on. But did you think that blazers can be worn throughout the year? That's true! Nowadays, blazers for women have extended their variety from seasons to several fabrics and designs.


 So we are going to acknowledge you about every blazer which is stunning, gorgeous and on fashion. What's more, is that we have piled up a guide for you that will be of some help to collaborate with some other apparel. So let's check them out all in the article below!


1. Denim Blazer

With the increase of love towards denim fabric, the denim has a wide range of variety. Let it be jackets, skirts, pants or coat they have imprinted their own mark in the market. Likewise, this company has also produced blazers for women. No matter whether you are wearing jeans, dresses, leggings, this blazer tends to rock any style you want to put on.


They come in various colors, designs, and fabrics. Some are oversized, and some fit perfectly with your body. Oversized blazers give you a rough, tough, and carefree look while fit blazer helps you to flaunt your body. Moreover, they marvelously make you look, sassy, chic, and elegant.


2. Blazer Dress

The blazer dress is hot and turns every head towards you when you walk on the street. These blazers for women is the need for every fashionista and a must in the wardrobe. For the past few years, this dress has a wide range of designs. Some are up to the thigh, while some are below knees.


For hot look, pair it with some black partially transparent slacks and heels. Another attire consists of a belt that enhances your body shape. High boots or some heels, they look gorgeous in everything.


3. Waterfall Blazer

Unlike other blazers for women, waterfall blazers have their specialty. This attire adds a feminine touch and has a fantastic design, which is similar to a waterfall. That is also the reason why it is named after that. The length is a little longer on the front that gives a peculiar design.


Furthermore, this blazer looks amazing in denim jeans, crop tee, leather pants, or skirts. This attire can be worn in any casual to former occasions. The choice is yours to play a little bit with this costume.


4. Single Breasted Blazer

Single Breasted blazer comes with a button in the middle and is great to add in your closet. They have a very classic style and can be experimented with different clothes. It can be worn with shorts, formal shirts, pants, a dress and a pair of jeans.


5. Double Breasted Blazer

These blazers for women have a varied length from thigh length to a waist-length. It has a collared neckline and overlapping fronts. On the front, there are two columns of parallel buttons. You can wear it to look sharp in your interview or pair it with denim jeans to look casual.


This blazer is versatile and tends to define your style in every auspicious day. They come in various designs and check pattern nails among all.


6. Vintage Velvet Blazer

There is no doubt that a velvet fabric looks very royal and beautiful.  Now, this design is derived in blazers for women. The combination of this blazer and a well-printed shirt is a stylish combination. A high waist pant with a black belt and a long beautiful locket grabs all the attention.


These blazers for women are suitable for winter. It can be worn with anything that you desire, whether it be a skirt, shirt, or ankle boots.


7. Peplum Blazer

These blazers for women bind together in the waist and is slightly open below. It comes down to the waist length and is perfect for showing off your curvy body. As it comes in various fabrics, there is a blazer in every season and weather.


You can also match it with the same color pants and skirts to look fashionable. Team it with various colors of pants to look chic and denim jeans to look funky.


8. Printed Blazer

Print never goes out of fashion as it has a wide range of variety. It comes in floral print, leopard print, snake print, and many more. They are stylish, creative, and eye-catchy. In white, this blazer tends to get more attention.


9. Boyfriend Blazer

A boyfriend blazer is a bit loose but fits well. Its designs are sophisticated and fives a Chic-Boss kind of look. You can rock this blazer in any casual outings.


10. Front Open Blazer

Just like its name suggests, these blazers for women lack buttons in the front. Some have a distinctive collar that adds heavenly looks. They perfectly hug your body, giving a fashionista vibe. The length of Front Open blazer varies from waist length to thigh length. 


11. Fitted Blazer

Most of the time, Fitted blazer comes with a tailored look. They are well structured and have formal settings. If you are bored with other blazers and really in the mood to try something new and different, then this blazer is for you.


12. Deep Lapel Blazer

This blazer is the combo of all other blazers. It does not consist of any buttons and falls straight with distinctive designs and prints. You can pair it with some white tee and black pants to enhance this blazer's beauty.


13. Sailor Blazer

This blazer is quite different from the rest, as well. As its name suggests, it is derived from a sailor-style. Its designs are peculiar, quite structured, and look amazing in tights. Some boots or high heels do not harm your style.


14. Bolero/Cropped Blazer

Yes, blazer comes in a crop design. It is very intriguing and fun to play it with your other clothes. They are cut or cropped below your bust. Some blazer has a button at the end, and some don't. Wear it with a tube top to flaunt your belly button.


Moreover, you can match these blazers for women looks gorgeous in a skirt, high waist pants, and a long shirt.

Blazers for Women
Blazers for Women
Blazers for Women


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