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Types Of Ladies Bags You Need To Know


No outfit is complete without a bag. Choose a perfect bag; it can enhance your look while a random bag can make you look quirky. Yes, that might woo you down, but it is the truth. Just imagine you using a glittery clutch in your college outing. Please stop now it will look ridiculous and weird. So we are here to rescue you this time.


In this article, we would like to present to you different types of bags for various occasions. From going to college, shopping, training to party, there are ladies bags for every event. So let's get started now;



There is no doubt that backpacks are the most popular bags of all time. Among all, they have a wide range of variety and comes in several fabrics, colors, shapes, and sizes. Some backpacks consist of multi-pockets, which makes it easier to store the daily essential. These ladies' bags can also be waterproof in some cases.


Tote Bags

Tote Bags are a large bag that often comes with parallel handles that comes from its side of the pouch. They are usually the unfastened bag that is super trendy, stylish, and fashionable. These ladies' bags are a perfect choice for women going to college or shopping.


Like other bags, the tote also comes in various shapes, sizes, fabrics, and colors. Among them, coth and nylon are the common ones. It is easy to wash and comfortable to wear. Even more, these bags come in more than 20 variety, and there is always a tote bag for every occasion.


Hobo Bag

If you are tired of using Tote and shoulder bag, you should better go for Hobo. This ladies' bags have a distinct crescent shape that provides equal parts to the item. They are a perfect tool for formal and casual wear. Moreover, they are large in size and comes in several fabrics.


From the silhouette to leather, you can choose according to your wish. As it has a huge compartment, this bag can store more things than others. They come in several designs and are very stylish and trendy.


Hand Bag

HandBags are commonly known as a purse to the general media. However, its horizon is not limited to that only. Some are big, and some are small enough to put your money and phones. They are popular and convenient to use. Some are medium, which easily fits your daily essentials.


Duffle Bag

Duffle Bag aka Kit Bag is a large bag that is composed of canvas and many other fabrics. Usually, they are used while traveling, sporting, outing, and many more. As they are large, it can fit your clothes, necessary daily tools, shoes, a yoga mat, etcetera. They come in several colors and designs which allures people to purchase it.


Messenger Bag

This ladies' bag has a very vintage design that makes it look sassy and classy. The most distinctive feature of this bag is that it consists of a flap on the front. Most of the time, it has a long strap and can be worn cross-body. It is also known as courier bags in the market.


Barrel Bag

Like its name suggest, this bag is similar to the barrel and is cylindrical in shape. Speaking of which it comes in small to large size. So you have a chance to choose your heart out with these bags. There is a string at the top to fasten the form as you desire.


The distinctive feature of this ladies' bag is that it has a thick or strong shoulder-length strap. This sort of bag can also be used as a gym bag. The choice is yours. There is no denying that this bag is fancy and reliable at the same time.


Lunch Bags

When you go somewhere, whether it be offices or colleges, the thing which you do not forget is food. And for food, you cannot just use any bags to carry that. That is because when you carry lunch in your regular bag, the food might get spilled, and it can ruin your favorite bag. We cannot risk that now, can we?


In such cases, we would like to recommend you some lunch bags. They are usually made out of fabrics that are easy to wash and dry. Even more, they come in several patterns and designs. You can choose whichever you like.


Kelly Bag

This luxurious ladies bag looks similar to a satchel and has a different type of metal clasp in the front. Usually, it gives those classy vibes when it used by the officers. As a result, the majority of business people use it. This stunningly beautiful bag is made up of expensive leather, and its fashion style is out of this earth.


Fanny Pack

These ladies' bags look like a small bag or a pouch that is attached to a belt. With the help of a belt, it becomes easier to hold it around your stomach or chest. They go in the market with various names such as bum bags or a belt bag. This bag can carry all your daily essentials, and the fear of being theft is nearly impossible.


Basket Bag

With the appearance similar to the basket, this ladies' bag is known as a basket bag. Its bottom is flat and acquires a lot of space to put your daily stuff. They come in several fabrics and are eco-friendly.


Baguette Bags

Baguette is a small compact bag that comes with a short strap. They are the production of the famous company Fendi. If you have watched the famous movie Sex and the City, then you might have seen this bag all over the movie. So if you want those sassy, chic and elegant look, later you can try one of these.



Clutches are a slim or flat handbag that has either no straps or detachable straps. These ladies' bags come in the wide horizon for a party to casual outings. They are simple yet stylish and are very sophisticated. Some come in glitter style, which is a perfect choice to going to the party.

Ladies Bags
Ladies Bags
Ladies Bags


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