Types of Skirts

Types Of Skirts You Need To Know

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The skirt's fashion has changed drastically in these few years. Previously it was a perfect choice for formal and semi-formal meetings. With time, types of skirts have widened its horizon. As a result, you can wear skirts in the meetings, on a date, party, outings or even at the college. To narrow down your struggle to choose all those super cute skirts, we have written this article. So let's get started with this stunning types of skirts.


A-Line Skirts

Fitted on the waist and hips, wider at the bottom is what makes women love these types of skirts. It got its name from its size similar to the letter 'A.' Whether it be a casual outing or business meeting, this skirt is suitable for any occasion. This skirt is the most common apparel for young girls and women.


Another feature that makes it so lovable is that it comes in several floral designs and patterns. There is no denying that this skirt looks elegant in high pencil heels. It will also help you to flaunt those slim figures. For a plus-size individual, it helps you to hide your thighs fat and makes you look curvy.


Accordion Skirts

This skirt is a derived form of school skirts. Not the fabric, just the design, though. These types of skirts are full circled and have narrow, evenly spaced vertical folds pressed into the fabric. The narrow fabric results in alternate raised and recessed ridges.


Its appearance is similar to the shape of an accordion, which makes it look flared. If you opt to wear this skirt, then take round spin really fast and look how amazing it looks. They are soft, flowy, and comes in several fabrics and lengths.


Asymmetrical Skirt

As its name suggests, it's length varies from one portion to another. Among all, I recommend you knee-length skirts that are a bit smaller in the front and are long in the back. If you want to get those badass girl attitudes, then go for a black color. Some skirts also come with big pockets which are handy and super trendy.


You can pair it with some thigh high stockings, or you can flaunt your miles-long legs too. Talking about shoes, you can wear calf-length boots or your favorite sneakers. You will glam up like a barbie doll with this skirt.


Bell Shaped Skirt

This type of skirt looks like a bell. As a result, it is a bit tight in the waist, and the bottom is flared. They come in several funky patterns and has a wide range of variety. You can wear it at the party, dates, meetings or even an outing. If you are not a high heel person, then close shoes also does no harm.


Bubble Skirt

Want to grab all the attention wherever you go? This type of skirt is for you. Bubble skirt is the most unique attire that you can buy. It appears as a puffed-out and resembles a bubble. The puffiness is what garners all the attention.


From the red carpet to casual outings, this skirt can make you look chic and elegant. Team it up with some thigh-high boots or high heels; the choice is yours.


Bustled Skirt

This skirt can give those royalty kinds of vibes straight from the Victorian age. Most of its design is on the back of the skirt. Nowadays, in front of this skirt also has some peculiar designs. Sometimes it is short in the front, and these types of skirts are famous for their sophisticated designs.


Denim Skirt

These types of skirts need no introduction. It is the most loved and fashionable attire that has won the hearts of every girl since it's arrival. Its length varies from too short to too long. Even more, it has a wide variety of designs.


Pair it with some cami top, off shoulder T-shirt, sweater anything you have. The result will make you love yourself. If you purchase this skirt, then experiment with yourself and get out of that comfort zone. For shoes, wear some ankle boots, slippers, sneakers or whatever you like.


Flared Skirt

A simple yet elegant flared skirt usually has many folds that allow it to have flare when you walk. You will realize the effect when you walk or twirl wearing this flared skirt. From the simple plain attire to floral print, these types of skirts can make you look gorgeous.


High Waisted Skirt

Hands down these types of skirts, it can make you look chic, elegant, trendy, young. The list goes on, but we are not lying. As its name suggests, it comes up to your belly button, allowing you to tuck in your T-shirt, shirt, or tops. If you do not want to show off your skin, then opt for this skirt with a few see-through stockings.


Tie your hair in a ponytail or let it be as it is, nobody can stop you from looking hot. For shoes, wear some boots or high heels, anything will look great. The only accessory you need for this attire is simply your earrings.


Layered Skirt

Its variety ranges from summer to winter. As it comes with several layers of fabric, it can make you warm in those chilly winters. The layer can be made up of fabrics of numerous colors or the same colors. But we would like to recommend a skirt having a layer of different colors.


There is no doubt that you can look chic, elegant, and stunning in this kind of skirt. Do not forget your crossbody bags to enhance your style.


Pencil Skirt

Last but not the least, a pencil skirt can never go out of fashion. Trust me on this; this skirt will save you a lot of money. Throw any apparel to go with this skirt, you will look creative, funky, and stylish. Whether it be a T-shirt, blouse, tops, or high heels, converse, boot, it will marvelously define your style.


The most distinctive feature of these kinds of skirts is that it hugs your lower body, unleashing your curve and hot body. It comes in several fabrics or leathers. The choice is up to you.

Types of Skirts
Types of Skirts
Types of Skirts


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