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Types Of Women Pants To Add In Your Wardrobe

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It will be a shame to ask you whether you like pants or not. With the wide range of variety of women pants, there are always pants for every occasion. Whether it be a meeting, outing, sleeping, partying, gathering the list goes on. But there is a thing that you might not be aware of, and that is types of pants.


There is a lot of women pants in the market that is made for several weather and occasions. We think that you should know them all before it is too late. So today we present you with some stylish, fashionable, trendy, popular pants that you are going to love it.


Boyfriend Jeans

There are no women out there who will say no to a boyfriend jeans. They never go out of fashion and has a wide range of designs. They are made in such a way that it allows your leg to breathe. They perfectly fit at the waist and are baggy at the bottom. These women pants can make you look cool within minutes.


There are a lot of grunge boyfriend pants that can give you a 90s vibe. These jeans were a comeback from the 90s for a reason. These jeans look perfect when you tuck in your t-shirts, tops, or anything you wear. For accessory, wear some big belts that highlight your waistline.


Harem Pants

In the scorching summer, you will always ask for something super cool and comfortable. For such occasion, harem pant is a perfect choice you can have. It gathers at the ankles by some elastic and waist with some string. It looks comfortable and comes in various fabrics, designs, or patterns.


Mainly this product is hand-made in Nepal, so it is a must-have product for women. The material usually used for these women pants is thin, and there is no trouble for your cloth to look bulky when it gathers.


Palazzo Pants

Now, these women pants are another funky option for this summer. Originally they are derived from wide-legged pants. As a result, it has a flare at the bottom, which makes it super stylish. It comes in wrinkle free fabric, and that is a plus point to buy this product. They come in various fabrics, designs, patterns, which makes it easy to pull off.


Due to its wide variety, there is always a palazzo pant for every woman in every occasion. If you want to go for a semi-formal or formal look, then pair it with some fitted or tailored shirt. Even more, if you're going to get those elegant and chic look, then team it up with some crop tops, tank tops, and stilettos or pumps.



These women pants were originally from a typical place of Rajasthan, India. They are long pants till the ankles and are close-fitted from the calves to the ankle. They are designed in such a way that the fabric protects the inner calf and knee from rubbing. They have a flare fit around the hips and thighs.


This pant was made with the main objective to make your body cool in the hot climate. Moreover, they were majorly made for a horse rider to make it comfortable. 


Leggings As Pants

Leggings are the advance version of stockings. It comes in a very tight-fitting and appears as a pant. Due to its elasticity, they tend to fit anyone and are super comfortable. Unlike stockings, they come in various designs, patterns, and fabric. You can choose any style starting from Aztec, cartoon, plain to floral design. The choice is up to you.


Furthermore, they come in jeans as well and are called jeggings. They are super stylish, and nothing goes wrong with it.


Stirrup Pants

They have similar features as legging. Apart from leggings, they have a tapering at the ankles, and bottom extends to as a strap or a band that is worn under the foot arch. If you are wearing heels, then you can wrap the strap outside the shoes as it looks quite funky.


These women pants have an elasticized material that prevents the strap from tearing. They come n various patterns, a design which makes every woman try them on.



A skort is a creative combination of a skirt and shorts. Inside they have little pants, and on the outside, they look similar to skirts. That is the reason why women can wear short clothes without fearing the exposure of their b**ty. They are super cute and comes in various designs.


Wear your favorite striped Tee or plain Tee and pair it with some sneakers. For formal looks, wear some ankle boots and a fabulous shirt.


Hot Pants

Hot pants, aka short shorts, are the attire that helps to flaunt your mile-long legs. They are tight shorts made up of nylon, cotton, or any other fabric. Majorly they highlight your legs and the buttocks. It looks impressive in lace-up shoes. Team it up with some shirts, T-shirts, tank tops, or blouse.


Sailor Pants

Sailor Pants are very retro-styled and were first worn as uniforms for the navy men. They are tight in waists, and a little bit lose at the bottom, which gives it a flare design. The bell bottoms are very roomy that makes it super comfortable. They have a sharp look that makes it remarkable for casual and semi-casual looks. These women's pants look fabulous in a formal shirt and high pencil dress.


Pegged Pants

These women pants are a combination of Harem and Ankle tapered pants. They are stylish, trendy, and popular in the fashion industry. They are a bit lost at the hips, waist, and thighs. Even more, they are snugged at the bottom area.


Wear it with some shirts to look formal, wear a T-shirt to look casual and blazers to look intimidating. They tend to look gorgeous in high heels, blocked heels, sneakers, sandal, or even boots.


Trouser Pants

These women pants are a boon to all the ladies out there. They have a perfect fit that enhances your body shape. Going to the office and looking stylish at the same time can be a bit challenging. But these pants look amazing on your blazer, coat, shirt, and heels. They give a chic vibe while you walk on the street.


Trouser pants are effortless dress as it goes well with anything. Don't forget to leave your hair as it is to look fabulous.


Rugged Pants

If you want some sporty or athletic kind of look, then try rugged pants out. Not to mention this gives a very cool, chic, and elegant look. These women pant looks awesome in tank tops and some cool sneakers such as Nike, Converse, and many more.


These pants make you look carefree. The majority of people think that this cloth makes you look hefty wild or masculine. But no, that is just a myth.

Women Pants
Women Pants
Women Pants


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